About Healing Strength Women’s Only Boot Camp

Charlotte Boot Camp

Healing Strength, Inc. was founded by
combining Kennett Washington’s lifelong passion
for health, fitness, and sports.

Kennett Washington is dedicated to his work, compassionate, and understanding with his clients. Knowing the important values and benefits of a healthy life style has molded Kennett into Charlotte’s top personal trainers. Kennett has been featured in several of the tri-regions magazines including Steele Jungle, Natural Muscle, and Southern Muscle. As a guest columnist writer for the Lancaster News Paper he continues to share his knowledge as the local fitness expert. As an employee during the late 90’s, he worked at several of the health and fitness clubs in the metropolitan area. It was during this time that he realized that most clients were not receiving the true benefits and results from personal training.

Core Stabilization, Neuromuscular, and Reactive Neuromuscular were three powerful links that were missing. To know and understand the kinetic chain as a whole was not a common practice for most health club trainers. Therefore, having great respect for his colleagues and the profession, he decided to venture out and start a private personal training service of his own. The structure of his business is unique and convenient for most clients. Traveling to the client’s home to give them a one on one private session in the privacy of their own home has been very effective. The first big step for most clients is privacy. By designing specific meal plans for his clients, Kennett has had a major impact on helping change their lives. These vital meal plans have helped clients achieve tremendous weight loss goals. Specifically designed programs yield the results of fat loss or quality gains of lean muscle tissue. These are just some of the awesome benefits clients receive from one of Kennett’s training programs. Part of Kennett’s goal is to teach clients how to train their systems to respond to a proper individualized program, which allows optimal results and overall benefits to their health. Thus began the journey of “Medicine is Now in Fitness.”

Kennett has had extensive study in the field of exercise science with knowledge of human movement science, functional anatomy, physiology and kinesiology, as well as functional assessment and program design.

As a National Academy of Sports and Medicine (NASM) certified personal trainer. Kennett continues his study through N.A.S.M. by attending continuing education courses and seminars. He has earned his Associates in Science degree through the University of South Carolina at Lancaster and is currently pursuing his Bachelor degree in pre Kinesiology.

As a Corrective Exercise Specialist, Kennett has trained and has unique relationships with Canadian football athletes Pro Bodybuilders, elite martial artist, and collegiate athletes. Alone this journey he’s developed lasting working relationships with Licensed Chiropractors and Myotherapists within the Charlotte-Metropolitan area. Kennett has been instrumental in assisting many personal, semi-professional, and professional athletes in obtaining their optimum performance. Kennett has been responsible for fitness and nutritional programs catered towards individualized training, core stabilization, neuromuscular stabilization, and reactive neuromuscular training. Kennett extends his knowledge to others in the general public by giving free health seminars during which he speaks on the significance of nutrition, proper weight loss programs, and correcting the improper balance of the kinetic chain.

Kennett understands and is devoted to helping clients develop in any and every specific fitness goal possible. As a natural athlete he has earned two black belts in two different styles of martial arts. His second study of the art is forever continuing as a black belt student of Traditional Japanese-Okinawa & Korean Martial Arts. Kennett values the art of discipline. With this level of discipline Kennett currently competes on the competitive and elite circuit of natural bodybuilding as a 2005-2008 NGA Pro-Qualifier and National Qualifying finalist. Kennett has improved his own performance, both on the stage and as a martial arts student. Combining these two arts has enhanced his knowledge as a professional trainer of health and fitness. Proper nutrition is significant in developing proper training techniques such as balance training, speed, endurance, strength training, power training, self-motivation, and improved self- esteem.

Kennett’s slogan “Medicine is Now in Fitness” is defined as this: many people workout but very few know how to properly train. The nervous, muscular, and skeletal systems are three powerful systems. If trained properly, clients can maximize their results; decrease their chance of injury, and help to prevent certain illnesses. The medicine is in the training and nutrition, and this alone can bring you total health and wellness by way of keeping you fit.


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