“I Am Happy To Say That The Dress Fit Perfectly And I Was Comfortable In It The Entire Evening.”

I cannot thank Kennett and his team enough for getting me into shape for my wedding. I had wanted to lose weight and tone up for years but the wedding really motivated me. I bought a sample dress that was a size too small and would not close all the way in the back. I wasn’t comfortable and it was difficult to breathe. I heard about Kennett’s boot camp and attended a 6 week session. I enjoyed the program so much that I decided to add one on one personal training. I had lost weight through exercise and a healthier diet but I needed those few extra inches off that I could only get through strength training and someone pushing me towards my goal. I am happy to say that the dress fit perfectly and I was comfortable in it the entire evening. I plan to maintain my current weight and continue in my journey towards being healthier.
Chessa Bossy, Age:37
Executive Assistant
Charlotte, NC

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