Jordan Lost a Total of 24 pds

Jordan Lost a Total of 24 pds of Actual Body Fat. Dropping from a Body Fat Percentage of 24% Down to 12.9%. Jordan Gained 3.5 pds of Lean Muscle. Body Transformation Complete!

Personal Trainers In Charlotte Success Story

Personal Trainers In Charlotte Success Story

I came to Healing Strength Personal Training hoping to become a bit more educated and encouraged to live a healthy and active life. I was just out of college, working my first 9 to 5, living on fast food and frozen dinners, and working too much. Six months later I was the heaviest I’ve been in my life and felt terrible; I knew something had to change and the longer I waited the harder it would be. While the idea of a healthy lifestyle seemed simple enough: eat healthy foods and exercise, attempting to incorporate these changes into my life was a surprisingly daunting task. It was a struggle to find reliable and consistent information on the internet for my new lifestyle so I sought out the help of a personal trainer to point me in the right direction and get me comfortable in a gym environment.

I gave Kennett a call, set up a consult and came with a very long list of questions. As an engineer I want to be told what to do, when to do it and why I’m doing it. This is exactly what I got, and then some. I wasn’t looking for someone to yell at me for 30 minutes and scare me into working hard. Working with Kennett was always comfortable and I was consistently pushed to my physical boundary without ever feeling unsafe. I was working with Kennett three days a week and started to see major differences when I looked in the mirror. I was amazed at what these changes did for my confidence and how much better I felt just going through the day. Driving home and feeling great after a hard workout with Kennett became something I looked forward to and even though I went after a long day at work I never once made an excuse not to go. It was fun and even after nearly a year I still enjoy “my time” in the gym. I’m on my own now but can walk into any gym and know exactly what I should be doing, how to safely and effectively do it, and without worrying about what the people around me are doing.

I would highly recommend Healing Strength Personal Training to anyone looking to improve themselves but may feel overwhelmed and not know where to start. While Kennett will not do the work for you, and it won’t always be easy, you will get what you put into it. For me, I put all that I had into it and what I’ve gotten back I can’t quantify, but will stay with me forever. Thanks Kennett for everything!
Mechanical Engineer
Charlotte, NC

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