He has never let me down

Boot Camps In Charlotte Success Story
To lose weight and establish a healthy lifestyle, one must be motivated, determined and have a mindset for change. Well those things I didn’t have until I met Kennett. Just talking to him on the first visit helped me gain faith in myself and gave me the motivation to start a new life…a healthy life. He made me realize that being healthy and in shape is a lifestyle and not just a quick fix for a vacation or an upcoming party…this is a way of life and he assured me that with his help I could indeed live that way. He has never let me down. He and his team push me hard when I want to quit and show sincere concern about my health and well being. I know they care and want to see me succeed which gives me even more strength to go on. There is nothing better than knowing you are not just another paycheck. When I started my weight loss journey I was 263 pounds; I am now down to 210 pounds and I am still going! I have lost so many inches that my clothes are just falling off me. This program has changed my life and I am so thankful for this team.

Monai Brown Age:28
Data Analyst
Charlotte, NC

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